Welcome to Vossloh Cogifer Kloos BV, subsidiary of the Vossloh Cogifer Group in the Netherlands

Vossloh Cogifer is a leading international manufacturer of turnouts and other permanent way materials for trains, trams, metros and industry. Based in the Netherlands under the company name Vossloh Cogifer Kloos BV, we serve our customers at home and abroad with innovative solutions and high-quality products.

We can supply all materials that can be used between the wheel and the ballast. From complete assembled switch systems that are delivered ready for use, to the supply of a full range of components, such as half switches, frogs, expansion joints, isolated rail joints and much more.

Your requirements and wishes are in the right hands with us. In our modern company, we carry out all the work, from engineering and production to maintenance, fully in compliance with your specifications. Whether it concerns standard or customised products – with our experience and specialist knowledge, we will put you on the right track with appropriate and sustainable solutions.

Since 2008, Vossloh Cogifer Kloos BV is a subsidiary of the French company Vossloh Cogifer SA, which is part of the German company Vossloh AG, an undisputed global leader in the field of transportation systems, permanent way materials, signalling, telecommunication etc. As member of this group, we can optimally serve our clients.

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