About Vossloh Cogifer in the Netherlands

A strong international player

Vossloh Cogifer, an industrial subsidiary of the Vossloh Group, is one of the world leaders in the field of permanent way materials (like switches and crossings) for all types of networks, railways, metros, tramways, both in Europe and throughout the world. With us, Vossloh Cogifer Kloos BV, being a subsidiary of the Vossloh Cogifer Group you can rely on international and extensive knowledge and experience in the field of rail infrastructure and railway engineering. From our modern 21,000 m2 company in Nieuw-Lekkerland, we put our customers at home and abroad on the right track with high-quality technology and sustainable solutions. Whether you need standard or customised products – your specific wishes, requirements and challenges are the basis of all our work.


Our departments


Our Railway Department designs and manufactures a wide range of permanent way materials for rail-based transport systems for trains, trams, metros and heavy industry. In addition to complete switch systems and crossing complexes we also supply components, including frog, half switches and various types of rail joints. Our products are delivered worldwide.



Our Projects Department develops and delivers rail and rail-related logistical systems and components for internal transport. This includes finger cars, dryer cars, kiln cars, narrow gauge turnouts and crossings. These products are used in the concrete, sand-lime brick, ceramic, dairy industries, but also, for example, in amusement parks.



The specialised engineers of our Engineering Department develop and design systems and components for the Railway and Projects Departments. The Engineering Department performs its assignments with modern digital CAD systems. Depending on the project, our specialists work in project teams, thereby bringing together the various specialisations. This guarantees reliable and innovative technologies and products.
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At Vossloh Cogifer Kloos we carry a very wide range of products in materials that are used in the permanent way. We supply rail for railways and crane tracks in any conceivable length, quality and profile, but we are also your partner for fastening materials and pads, steel and synthetic (railway) wheels and wheel sets and buffers.

Development and innovation

To us, innovation is more than just a concept. It is an essential part of our organisation. It is, as it were, embedded in our DNA. This has been the case since our founding in 1843 and this will never change. In order to be able to advise our customers as satisfactorily and widely as possible about the most suitable solutions and the latest techniques, we structurally invest in product development and innovation.
At Vossloh Cogifer Kloos, we are constantly looking for improvements, for example to reduce failures and increase safety and availability. Of course, we also take our responsibility in regard to the environment. We make every effort possible to produce as clean and energy efficient as possible.
Our engineers make sure that they are always up-to-date on the latest developments and they endeavour, where possible and necessary, to apply new techniques and/or materials. Our constant drive for innovation has led to some special developments and products which are frequently used, such as:

  • The constructed glued Kloos frog with raised wing geometry
  • The fully suspended isolated rail joint, HB type
  • V-shaped isolated rail joints


Safety is one of our top priorities. Not only in regard to the products we supply, but also on our shop floor. A clean and safe worklocation is an efficient worklocation. Therefore, we have taken various measures to maintain the working environment at Vossloh Cogifer Kloos BV as safe as possible, including:

  • Providing our employees with a variety of safety training sessions
  • Providing our employees with all necessary personal protecting tools
  • Working in accordance with safety management system OHSAS 18001
  • Reducing the number of accidents in the company
  • Working in accordance with the 5S programme, which ensures order, safety and cleanliness

Our motto is: ‘All accidents can be prevented.’