Our working method

We start with listening well to our client


Measure twice, cut once, goes a well-known saying, this is how we work. We start with listening well. To you, of course. What are your wishes, what is your specific problem, what are your requirements? These are questions that we will discuss with you in detail before we even start thinking about production. After all, we are there to help you.


After our extensive customer advice, our engineers will start making the design using the latest techniques. Drawings will, of course, be submitted to you for approval.


Once the design is approved, we will start the actual production and use first class materials. During production and before shipping, our internal quality department will conduct a rigorous in-house inspection. Its findings are recorded in an inspection protocol. Before delivery you are invited for an inspection of the materials.
The entire production process at Vossloh Cogifer Kloos BV is carried out in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 (Quality Management Systems). After production, we will provide you with extensive final documentation, including certificates of all materials used, inspection reports, bills of materials and ‘as-built’ drawings.


In order to ensure the traceability of the materials manufactured by us, we provide all of our products (such as half switches and frogs) with unique numbers.


After the delivery of the materials we will carry out an evaluation at our customers, unabling us to further improve our service and quality.


Since maintenance, especially in the first weeks after coming into service of the track materials, is of great importance, we have our own service department, which can perform an initial service (grinding) for you if so desired. They can also assist you during installation or maintenance.